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Dān Péigēn 單培根 (1917-1995)
  • Dharma name 法名: Huìběn 慧本
  • Born 1917 in Jiāxìng 嘉興, Zhèjiāng 浙江
  • Died in 1995
Notable Associates:
  • Article editor: Erik Hammerstrom

Dān Péigēn 單培根 (1917-1995) was a student of consciousness-only and Chinese medicine.


Dān began attending private school at age 7. At 17 (1934), he studied Chinese medicine with Chén Zhòngnán 陳仲南, at which point he changed his name to [Francis] “Bacon (Péigēn 培根).” After completing his studies, he began practicing medicine in his hometown, while also writing a major treatise on medicine. In 1943 he studied Consciousness-Only 唯識 thought with Fàn Gǔ'nóng 范古農. Around that time he took refuge under Désēn 德森 at Língyán Temple 靈岩寺 in Sūzhōu 蘇州, taking the dharma name Huìběn 慧本. Dān served as a representative for his hometown in the National Chinese Medicine Organization, and also worked with the local branch of the Chinese Buddhist Association 中國佛教協會.

After the reforms of 1979, Dān resumed his Buddhist scholarship and did a lot of research on Buddhist sūtras after 1980. He also gave lectures (primarily on Consciousness-Only and Buddhist logic 因明 at the reopened Mínnán Buddhist Seminary 閩南佛學院 in the 1980s.


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