Jinshan foxue yuan 金山佛學院

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The Jīnshān Buddhist Seminar (Jīnshān fóxué yuàn 金山佛學院) is a Buddhist seminary 佛學院 established after liberalization at a temple that had been an important monastic center during the late Qīng and Republican periods.


This seminary was established by Cízhōu 慈舟, the abbot of Jiāngtiān Temple. Cízhōu became the principal, with Xīnchéng 心澄 acting as Vice Principal and head of curriculum, which included Indian Buddhist history, chanting, basics of Buddhism, ancient Chinese language studies, Chinese history, politics, and calligraphy. The seminary was run very strictly, and in addition to formal meals, students were required to practice meditation for at least two periods each day.

Section Editor: Erik Hammerstrom


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