Longchang si 隆昌寺

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Lóngchāng sì 隆昌寺
  • Other names: * Qiānhuá sì 千華寺
  • Qiānhuá shě 千華社
Lóngchāng Temple
  • First Founded 502 (Tiānjiān 天堅 1)
  • Lineage: Vinaya 律宗, Qiānhuá pài 千華派
  • Status: Public (十方叢林)
  • Institution section editor: Erik Hammerstrom

Lóngchāng sì 隆昌寺 is perhaps the most important center for both ordination and Vinaya 律 training in China.



This is the largest temple on Bǎohuá Mountain 寶華山 and the two are often treated synonymously. The temple was founded during the Liáng 梁 Dynasty, in 502 (Tiānjiān 天堅 1). It received its current name from Emperor Shénzōng 神宗 of the Míng 明 in 1605 (Wànlì 萬曆 33). From the Míng onward, this temple has maintained the largest ordination platform in China.[1] For example, ordinations held in 1900 (Guāngxù 光緒 26) attracted over 1,200 ordinands. Throughout much of the 20th century, this temple was the site of the largest and most frequent monastic ordination. These ordinations were carried out at least as late as 1957. It has once again assumed its status as the primary ordination center, having been officially re-opened in April, 1983. During the early 20th century as well, training and ordination at this temple were felt to be the most rigorous, and accorded the monk who was ordained here a certain status among Chinese Buddhists.[2]


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  1. This page on the Temple's website claims that since that dynasty, 70% of all Chinese monastics have been ordained here.
  2. The ordination process as it was carried out in the 1940s is outlined in Chen-hua, In Search of the Dharma: Memoirs of a Modern Chinese Pilgrim (Albany: SUNY Press, 1992).


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