Hong Kong 香港

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Hong Kong 香港

Other names include: Xiānggǎng (Modern Standard Mandarin Pronunciation)

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Hong Kong 香港 was a sparsely-populated island just off the coast of Guǎngdōng 廣東 province until it was occupied by the British in the 1840s and later ceded to them as a result of the Opium War. It developed through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries into a key economic and cultural entrepôt.

Important Buddhist Sites

Other Notes

  • The periodical Voice of Awakening 覺音 was published here
  • Tánxū 倓虛 died here in 1963
  • Bǎojìng 寶靜 lectured here and established a branch of the Propagation Society 弘法學社 here in the late 1920s

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