Baohua shan 寶華山

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Bǎohuá Mountain 寶華山

Other names include: Pao-hua shan (historical romanization)

Nearby Locations:
Jiāngnán 江南 Region
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Bǎohuá Mountain 寶華山 located in Jiāngsū 江蘇 province, near the city of Zhènjiāng 鎮江, and is home to a number of Buddhist temples, including Lóngchāng Temple 隆昌寺 with which it is often treated synonymously.

Important Buddhist Sites

Other Notes

  • In 1931 Dài Jìtáo 戴季陶 convened a Dharma assembly on the mountain
  • Dàyú 大愚, Chángxǐng 常惺, Shì Dōngchū 釋東初, Jùzàn 巨贊, Rénshān 仁山 were tonsured or took the full precepts here at Lóngchāng Temple
  • Fǎzūn 法尊 studied here

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