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The Database of Modern Chinese Buddhism is a collaborative project hosted by the Dharma Drum Buddhist College. Initiated in early 2009, its mission is to provide reliable, open-content information in an encyclopedic format on topics related to Buddhism in China between 1850 and 1950 CE. The two co-editors, Erik J. Hammerstrom 韓光 and Gregory Adam Scott 史瑞戈 edit all content on the site and contribute content from their own research. Marcus Bingenheimer 馬德偉 Simon Wiles 魏希明 have kindly donated their time and work to maintaining the wiki server. The computer and networking facilities that host the DMCB have been generously provided by Dharma Drum Buddhist College.

Content on the DMCB is licensed under an Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported Creative Commons license. This means that you are free to share (copy, distribute and transmit) and remix (adapt) the work under the following conditions: you must provide an attribution (the name of the DMCB and a link to the original resource) and you must share alike (any redistributed work must be made available under the same or similar license). This also means that no copyrighted work may be uploaded to the DMCB, and any such content will be deleted mercilessly. This license in no way affects the status of Public Domain content on the site, nor your rights regarding fair use/fair dealing, nor the author's moral rights regarding the work.

Use of the DMCB follows the guidelines of the Database of Modern Chinese Buddhism Policy Statement.

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