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This Community Portal contains information and guidelines on how to participate in this project.


Formatting and Style


  • Pīnyīn 拼音, including tone markings, should be included for all Chinese terms. For the correct placement of tone markings, follow these rules (for full rules on writing pīnyīn, see this page on Wikipedia):
    • If there is an "A" or an "E", that letter takes the tone mark. (E.g. Bèihǎi yuán 北海園)
    • If the vowel cluster is "OU", the "O" takes the mark. (E.g. dòu 豆, Ōuyáng 歐陽)
    • In all other cases, the mark falls on the final vowel. (E.g. Xióng 熊, duō 多)
  • Personal Names
    • The syllables of monastic and other disyllabic names should not be separated; e.g. 印順 is Yìnshùn, not Yìn Shùn
    • The first instance of every personal name should be linked to its biography page, using proper diacritics for the display name and standard Roman letters for the linked article; e.g. [[Dai Jitao 戴季陶|Dài Jìtáo 戴季陶]]
  • Temple Names
    • Link the first instance of an important temple to its article
    • Use the following: Guānyīn Temple 觀音寺.
    • If the temple name is in the form "XX古寺", then the name should be given as "XX Ancient Temple".
    • For XX講寺, use "XX Lecture Temple".
  • Publications
    • Link the first instance of an important publication to its article
    • If a book or periodical has a standard English translation, use that; e.g. Awakening of Faith in the Mahāyāna (Dàshèng qǐxìn lùn 大乘起信論)
    • If the publication title does not have a standard or widely-accepted English translation, it can be cited thus: Tíwèi bōlì jīng 提謂波利經 (Sūtra of Trapuṣa and Bhallika)
    • To link a publication to its article, italics cannot be used, so use the link in place of the italicized title; e.g. Awakening of Faith in the Mahāyāna (Dàshèng qǐxìn lùn 大乘起信論)
  • 唯識 is translated as "Consciousness-Only", 法相 as "Dharmalakṣaṇa". 法相唯識 is translated as "Dharmalakṣaṇa and Consciousness-Only".
  • All years between 1850 and 1950 should be linked (like this [[1XXX]]).
  • Decades can also be linked (e.g. [[1930s]])
  • The Cite extension has been installed, please use it for footnotes in articles. See the linked page or the 戴季陶 article for examples of usage.
  • If there are no notes for the article, then the notes section can be omitted, but don't forget to add one if you add a reference to an article
  • Use bullet points to separate references cited at the end of the article

Edit Status Categories

You can use these categories to quickly find articles with a given edit status

Biographical Articles

  • For articles that cover more than one person with the same name:
    • Create one main article (pinyin without tone marks + 漢字) with one section for each individual (e.g. Cizhou 慈舟)
    • When you create the redirect pages (漢字), create one page per individual using their birth and death dates (e.g. 慈舟 (1877-1958))
    • Redirect that page to the section of the main article that covers the individual in question (link example: 慈舟#Cízhōu 慈舟 (1877-1958), see 慈舟 (1877-1958) for example of use)
  • Please read the Biographical Article Guidelines
  • Sample Blank Biography Article for new articles
  • After you have written a biographical article PLEASE ADD a brief notice on the subject of your article to the Biography Portal.

Periodical Articles

Institution Articles

Geography Articles

Useful Tools

MediaWiki Information

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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