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Database of Modern Chinese Buddhism Policy Statement

First adopted June 2, 2009. Last revised January 26, 2010.

1) The Database of Modern Chinese Buddhism (hereafter, DMCB) is a collaborative project hosted by Dharma Drum Buddhist College that gathers information on topics related to Buddhism in China between 1850 and 1950 CE.

2) The DMCB is committed to following all rules and regulations regarding the use of computer and networking facilities generously provided by Dharma Drum Buddhist College.

3) The DMCB is a work of scholarship and is thus committed to maintaining an objective point of view and verifiable content, as well as scholarly norms of proper conduct. As a collaborative project, all contributors share responsibility for respecting the points of view of others. Any material posted to the DMCB is subject to edit, revision, expansion and deletion.

4) All data on the DMCB is is licensed under an Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported Creative Commons license, and is thus publicly available and free to share under certain conditions. The DMCB is committed to respecting the copyright of authors, but as a work of scholarship asserts its fair use rights to quote and reference limited portions of material under copyright.

5) The DMCB will maintain a non-partisan and non-sectarian spirit. It makes no claim to judgment on religious truth but respects the right of free religious belief and association. No material that is inflammatory, or that discriminates against people based on their age, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, nationality or racial identity will be permitted.

6) All articles posted to the DMCB are considered published material and are thus part of public record. Material on the talk and discussion pages should be considered "off the record" and thus should not be cited elsewhere.

7) Neither the DMCB nor Dharma Drum Mountain make any guarantee as to the accuracy of the information presented here. Use it as a resource, but use your own critical faculties as well.

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