Fohua xinwen 佛化新聞

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Fóhuà xīnwén 佛化新聞
Buddhist News
  • Print run: 1927, 6.26 - 19?? (at least until 1942)
  • Associated Location(s): Chóngqìng 重慶, moved to Chéngdū 成都 in 1939
  • Associated Person(s): Xǔ Zhǐfán 許止煩
  • Associated Organization(s):

Fóhuà xīnwén 佛化新聞 (Buddhist News) was a Buddhist newspaper published in west China.

This monthly newspaper averaged three pages per issue. It carried news and information on Buddhism throughout China, but more on Sìchuān after they moved there in 1939. Works by famous monks such as Tàixū 太虛 and Yìnguāng 印光 often appeared in its pages. It had a wide circulation: In its first 3 years it went from a print run of 3,000 to 10,000.

  • MFQ has 34 issues from volumes 228-265, all from 1942



  • MFQ 205:32-33
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