Jiangxi 江西

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Jiāngxī 江西

Other names include: Gàn 赣 (Short form); Wade-Giles: Chiang-hsi; Postal Map: Kiangsi

Nearby Locations:
  • Anhuī 安徽 province to the north
  • Zhèjiāng 浙江 to the northeast
  • Fújiàn 福建 to the east
  • Guǎngdōng 廣東 to the south
  • Húnán 湖南 to the west
  • Húběi 湖北 to the northwest.
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Jiāngxī 江西 is a province in the southeast of China. Surrounded by mountains, the province is a key link between the Yangtze river valley and areas further south.

Important Buddhist Sites

  • Dōnglín Temple 東林寺
  • Tiěfó Temple 鐵佛寺

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