Li Duanfu 黎端甫

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Lí Duānfǔ 黎端甫 (18?? - 19??)
  • Born Unknown; said to be from Fēngchéng 豐城 in Jiāngxī 江西
  • Died Unknown
Notable Associates:

Lí Duānfǔ 黎端甫 (d.u.)[1] was a lay Buddhist, said to be one of the four great disciples of Yáng Wénhuì 楊文會. Little is known about his life, but he was on the staff of Fójiào yuèbào 佛教月報 (Buddhist Monthly), an early Buddhist periodical in China. He is also said to have been a student of Three Treatise (sānlùn 三論) thought.


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  1. Lí was possibly born around 1890, as he is mentioned in connection with Méi Guāngxī 梅光羲 as being part of the younger generation of Yáng Wénhuì's students. See "歐陽竟無先生的生平、事業及其佛教思想的特質".


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