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Periodical Article Guidelines

  • Please use the sample Blank Periodical article for starting new entries on periodicals
  • If there exist periodicals with similar titles, include a note above the title line, in the style of the 佛教月報 article
  • Note that translated titles of works should be italicized
  • There should be a general description of the periodical in addition to the bullet points of information
  • Don't forget to include the periodical's location in the MFQ or MFQB
  • Please add a scanned image of a sample title page if possible
    • Vertical banners should be about 200 pixels wide, not more than 700 pixels tall, right justified and placed above the main article title
    • Horizontal banners should not be more than 490 pixels wide, about 200 pixels tall, right justified and placed just below the main article title
  • Add {{EditStatus|status=X}} to the discussion page of the article, filling in A, B, C, or "start" for the status (see below)

Edit Status Guidelines

These are the general guidelines for determining the edit status of entries of periodical entries:

AThis article contains information on the start and end dates, location, persons, and organizations associated with the publication of the periodical. It also includes other information, such as its location in the MFQ or MFQB, the typical quantity of runs printed, or notes on typical length or content. Ideally, the article includes a representative scanned image of a title page of the periodical. The source of all information is documented. The style of the article is very good and there are few or no formatting mistakes in the text.
BThe article is lacking some of the information noted in A above, it must be revised for minor style or structural issues, or for mistakes.
CThe article is missing most of the information that should be included, or is in need of major editing work
StartThe article only contains the most basic information about the periodical, and needs much more content to be complete
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