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Erik J. Hammerstrom 韓光
Assistant Professor
Religion Department
Pacific Lutheran University

My Talk Page

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To Do List

Needed Articles

Existing Articles in Need of Expansion

Pictures Needed for Existing Bio Articles

  • Bai Puren 白普仁
    • "林董楊桂棠、白普仁大師、林董王曉籟" 世界佛教居士林林刊, no.14; MFQB,vol.9,p.229
  • Chén Yuánbái 陳元白
  • Chéng Zháiān 程宅安
  • Chúnmì 純密
  • Duhuan 度寰
  • Fushan 福善
  • Gui Bohua 桂伯華 None in MFQ
  • Jichan 寄禪
    • "中國佛教會為捨身衛教前中華佛教總會會長天童寺光德寄禪禪師廿週年紀念大會攝影" 中國佛教會會報,no.31~42 ;MFQB,vol.28,p.253
  • Kōngyě 空也
  • Shi Shengzhi 施省之
    • "本社創辦人施省之居士肖像" 莫干山蓮社特刊; MFQ,vol.134,p.366
  • Shi Yiru 史一如 None in MFQ
  • Wang Hongyuan 王弘願
    • "王弘願大阿闍黎" 解行精舍特刊,no.1,1925-06-06; MFQB,vol.46,p.75
  • Xu Weiru 徐蔚如 None in MFQ
  • Yuexia 月霞 None in MFQ
  • Zhu Feihuang 朱芾煌 None in MFQ
  • Zongyang 宗仰 None in MFQ

Draft Editor Invitation

Dear X,

As the Database of Modern Chinese Buddhism continues to develop, Greg and I feel that in order to maintain a high standard of content, it would beneficial if we could recruit scholars from the community to participate in maintaining certain parts of the site.

After much consideration we think that the best way to do this would be to have named editors for each page, as well as for the different sections of the database (biographical, institutional, etc.). Editors would not be responsible for adding content, though they are more than welcome to do so. Rather, their primary responsibility would be to make sure that the form and content of the pages they edit meets the high expectations for quality, readability, and rigor that are set forth both in the DMCB and the scholarly community as a whole. In the vast majority of cases, this would mean only the occasional edit of new content.

We have written to you because we know that your research touches on X, and we would like to invite you to consider becoming an editor for that page, as well as any other pages about which you feel you have competence and/or interest. Once you become an editor, we recommend that you "Watch" the pages you edit, so that you will be notified by e-mail when changes are made to that page.

Editorship of a page does not mean that you hold any type of copyright for the content of that page; all content on the DMCB will remain available to everyone under a Creative Commons license. We do, however, feel that your stewardship of one or more pages on the DMCB should be considered an academic activity, and we encourage you to list it on your C.V.


Erik J. Hammerstrom, Co-editor Ph.D. Department of Religious Studies, Indiana University, Bloomington

Gregory Adam Scott, Co-editor Ph.D. Candidate Department of Religion, Columbia University

Notes on copyright law


For single author works:

  • Published before 1923: It is in the public domain IF PUBLISHED.
  • Published 1923-1963: 28 years + 67 years if renewed
    • all not renewed now public domain
  • Published 1964-1977: 28 years + 67 year automatic extension
    • all still under copyright
  • Published after 1.1.1978: Life of author + 70 years
    • all still under copyright

Table of Dates Works Pass into public domain in the U.S.


Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China (2001): Section 3 Term of Protection for Rights: Article 21: The term of protection for the right of publication and the rights referred to in Article l0, paragraphs (5) to (17), of this Law in respect of a work of a citizen shall be the lifetime of the author and fifty years after his death, and expires on 31 December of the fiftieth year after the death of the author. In the case of a work of joint authorship, such term shall expire on 31 December of the fiftieth year after the death of the last surviving author.

PRC Copyright Law (2001)

On photographs in PRC and ROC

According to copyright laws of the People's Republic of China (with legal jurisdiction in the mainland only, excluding Hong Kong and Macao) and the Republic of China (currently with jurisdiction in Taiwan, the Pescadores, Quemoy, Matsu, etc.), all photographs enter the public domain fifty years after they were first published, and all non-photographic works enter the public domain fifty years after the death of the creator.

Example from the wikimedia commons

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