Wenjiao congkan 文教叢刊

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Wénjiào cóngkān 文教叢刊
Culture and Education Monograph Series
  • Print run: February 1945 (only 6 issues in total)
  • Associated Location(s): Nèijiāng 內江, Sìchuān 四川
  • Associated Person(s): Wáng Ēnyáng 王恩洋, editor
  • Associated Organization(s): Eastern Culture and Education Research Institute 東方文教研究院

Wénjiào cóngkān 文教叢刊 (Culture and Education Monograph Series) was a Chinese Buddhist periodical.

Roughly 110 pages per issue. Inspired by a lecture by Wáng Enyáng, the Eastern Buddhist Seminary 東方佛學院 was founded in January 1942 by Lǐ Zhòngquán 李仲權 and Liào Zézhōu 廖澤周. It was renamed the Eastern Culture and Education Research Institute 東方文教研究院 in September of that year. Its purpose was the study of literature, art, and history, as well as Western philosophy and social science. The Institute and the magazine were critical of Western culture’s shortcomings, but would absorb its good points. The editors invited many famous professors to submit work, but Wáng’s work held pride of place.

  • MFQ has the whole run (six issues, numbered 1 to 8, with two being double issues)



  • MFQ 205.43-44
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