Yingjiang si 迎江寺

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Yíngjiāng sì 迎江寺
  • Location: Ānhuī 安徽, Ānqìng City 安慶, outside of Zōngyáng Gate 樅陽門 on the Yangzi
  • Other names: * Gǔ wànfó sì 古萬佛寺
Yíngjiāng Temple
  • First Founded 974 (Kāibǎo 開寶 7)
  • Lineage: {{{lineage}}}
  • Status: Public (十方叢林)
  • Institution section editor: Erik Hammerstrom

Yíngjiāng Temple 迎江寺 was the site of an early Buddhist Seminary, and is an important temple in Ānhuī 安徽.



Originally built in 974 (Kāibǎo 開寶 7), this temple was rebuilt in 1619 (Wànlì 萬曆 47). It reached its present proportions after renovations in 1663 (Kāngxī 康熙 2). It was destroyed in 1861 (Xiánfēng 咸豐 11) but was rebuilt the following year (Tóngzhì 同治 1).

The noted monk Yuèxiá 月霞 became abbot in 1898/1899, but had to pass the abbacy to his disciple Xīnjiān 心堅 after only a few years when the former got into a conflict with Yuán Shìkǎi 袁世凱.

In 1922 an early Buddhist Seminary 佛學院, the Ānhuī Monastic School 安徽僧學校 was founded here. Its principal was Chángxǐng 常惺 and it ran until 1924, at which point most of the teachers and students traveled to Xiàmén 廈門, where they formed the core of what would become the Mínnán Buddhist Seminary 閩南佛學院. Teachers at the Monastic School included Dùè 度厄, Huìtíng 蕙庭, Juésān 覺三, and Chísōng 持松.

After 1949, this was one of the few temples that the PRC focused on maintaining. In 1983, it was designated an important site for Hán 漢 Buddhism. The following year it began operating as a monastery. The current abbot is Wǎnfēng 皖峰.


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