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Conversion Scripts / 轉檔程式

將詞典 XML 檔轉換為 HTML、PDF、ePub、StarDict 等格式的 Python 程式。

StarDict (

StarDict is the leading cross-platform, open-source dictionary software. It is released under the GNU General Public License, and is available for a wide variety of systems and platforms. In addition to Windows, Linux, Mac, FreeBSD, Solaris etc. systems, it is possible to run versions of StarDict on many mobile platforms, including the iPhone (look for the free application 'WeDict' in the App Store), maemo devices (e.g. Nokia N770, N800), and all Java (J2ME) -based handheld devices. There is even a command-line version available for *nix systems, and a php interface under development.

Dictionaries and glossaries for many languages and specialist vocabularies are available in the StarDict format, including others which are of interest to those working with Buddhist texts and languages. A collection is available at StarDict's project page at SourceForge, and another at XDXF.

For further information, see StarDict's project page at SourceForge, StarDict's online-search website, or StarDict on Wikipedia.

Dr.eye (

Font Support

You'll get an idea of how well your system will handle the scripts from observing how well it copes with the following:

正體 = Traditional Chinese
天城體 = Devanāgarī = देवनागरी
藏文字 = Tibetan script = bod yig = བོད༌ཡིག༌

If this is shown correctly on your system, you should have no problems using the resources available from this site. However, please read the notes below pertaining to your operating system, and if you have difficulties please email me.

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